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About Unfairground

About Unfairground

The Unfairground is an umbrella for radically subversive art and music, where the act of repurposing both ideas and salvaged material turns the unethical cycle of consumerism and wastefulness into a virtuous one.

Presenting collisions of big top music venues, twisted fairground shows and iconic sculptural madness, highlighting unfairness in society.

Turn on, tune in, drop out 1966-2019

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The Flying Bus

The one & only outdoor stage created from reploying two convoy buses, pulled into the night sky by cherubs & a team of Pegasus.

Featuring live underground bands curated by Wango Riley Jnr in the evening and the new wave of House & Techno DJ’s curated by the Son of Acid till dawn.

This years lineup...
Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

The newest of the Unfairground venues, the Blind Tiger intends to feel like a party in your local has gone off the scale, curated by Momo with decor by Wrekon.

2023 lineup..

Salon Carousel

Hosted by DJ Stivs bringing the most banging in UK underground rave to life, with performance and decor by The Red Rash Inn.

2023 lineup....
2022 Guest Artist - Dotmaster

2022 Guest Artist - Dotmaster

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Artistic director Sam Haggarty brings together artists, fabricators and performers for unique collaborations in events and exhibitions.


Outside of the Unfairground his was work was considered to be the pioneer of radical art in the Royal Academy and was a founding member of The Mutoid Waste Company


Art Director Dotaster presents the very best of Graffiti art across the activities of Unfairground.  Every year he nominates a special guest artist who’s imagery permeates the field, including Ben Eine, Inky & D-Face.

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